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We led marketing workshops for startups at:

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Marketing Strategy
Why Digital Marketing Strategy for your product/service?
  • The buyers are nowadays in control of their buying decisions, not the companies anymore.

  • On top of that, you may not find it difficult to navigate the ever-changing digital landscape and the countless number of digital channels you can choose from.

  • Copying online or offline marketing activities that work for others may not work for your business situation


How to choose what is best for you?
How to spend your time, budget and resources effectively for marketing you product or service?


Build a digital (and overall) marketing strategy that is right for Your product/service:

  1. Review (& strengthen) your marketing foundations

  2. Set an achievable short-term and long-term business goal

  3. Choose a few priority digital (and offline where appropriate) channels

  4. Define content/value to share with your ideal clients

  5. Define KPIs and metrics to get insights, improve and measure success.

Do you need an effective digital marketing strategy? I'm happy to help!

Andrea Drietomska
Digital Marketing Strategist for Startups & B2B
Founder of Marketing Waters

"Use digital marketing the right way for your product and services."

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Testimonials - Who We Helped

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Guido Axmann, MD

CEO & Founder at Medicinisto

B2B SaaS startup, based in Berlin

"Andrea is a business-driven marketing professional who tries to understand your product/services very well to then show and guide you how to leverage marketing - online and offline - to achieve your business goals. Plus she is real fun to work with.

She helped us build an effective marketing strategy tailored to our situation and use the right digital channels (incl. social media or targeted ads) and offline channels to maximize the impact. 

I found it a very natural process in the end; we were building relationships with the right people via the right communication channels, not only chasing “leads”.