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About Marketing Waters

Marketing Waters navigates you through the complex and ever-changing "marketing ocean" to reach Your business goals, whether it's getting your first paying customers, finding the product-market fit or further growing your business.

You will make the best use of your time by leveraging marketing insights and tools to attract the right customers and shape your product or services in the right business direction.

Andrea Drietomska is the Founder of Marketing Waters and she helps you to build a marketing strategy that is action-based and right for Your business.

Andrea has rich experience in marketing, online marketing, and business growth. Her previous experience includes hands-on marketing roles in innovative companies in the pharmaceutical industry, marketing and leadership roles in education and nonprofit organizations with low budgets in and outside Switzerland and more recently helping esp. early-stage startups and solo business owners to grow their business.

Andrea has a small team of experts (graphic design, photographer, website development,..) so if desired, they help where needed.

Book a 30min Free Marketing Consultation with Andrea to discuss your current marketing or business challenges - book here.

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