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Webinar: How to Convert Potential B2B Clients into Paying Clients

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Feb 25, 2020

1:00pm - 2:00 pm CET

Join a webinar fully focused on How to Convert Potential B2B Clients into Paying Clients by leveraging both online and offline strategies and best practices.


Small businesses and startups (roles: Founders, Owners, CEOs, Marketing and Sales) that want to:

  • Have a clearer understanding of and become more confident in how to use online and offline channels right for Your product / service, to win more paying B2B customers


  • Focus your energy, time and budget on marketing and sales activities that bring you closer to more paying customers



B2B customer journey has hugely changed in the last years so if you want to win more customers for your business in 2020, your marketing and sales approach needs to reflect that:

A lot of quality information is available via online channels and that makes it far easier for B2B customers to gather information themselves, meaning businesses have less access and fewer opportunities to influence customer decisions (Gartner Research, 2019).

Sales and marketing activities are still organized in a serial fashion: Marketing generates and nurtures demand through digital channels before handing off the qualified of opportunities to sales for in-person pursuit. Customers, however, don’t buy in a linear fashion. Rather, they use both digital and in-person channels to complete each of the buying jobs more or less simultaneously. So there is no handoff from marketing to sales, or digital to in-person. It’s a parallel process, not a serial one (Gartner Research, 2019).

Not to mention the continuously growing number of new businesses: for example in Switzerland, there were 44,000 new businesses registered only in 2019; a record high since 1883 - yes, you read it right, a record for the last 130+ years (IFJ, 2019).

So your current B2B customers are much better-informed and have more power to decide themselves than before, plus as a business, you need to stand out in the often crowded market.



It’s clear there is no one-size-fits-all strategy on how to win more paying clients for a business and especially in B2B where the lack of clarity, market specifics and the level of complexity can be sometimes huge.

However, there are several important areas, if done right in the B2B business, that help you get better results and convert your potential B2B customers into paying customers. And it’s not only about WHAT marketing, business development or sales activities you do (cold emailing, leveraging your personal network, going to targeted events, partnerships, having a stunning website, being active on Linkedin,..) but most importantly, HOW you do these activities:

You may say “Cold emailing doesn’t work” or “Social media is a waste of my time - I don’t see any ROI from it” but that may not be further from the truth. It’s all about how much you understand the market and your customers, who you reach out to, what you write / messaging, and the overall context of your product / services, just to name a few factors, that make or break the results you get.

So in the Webinar ‘How to Convert Potential B2B Clients into Paying Clients’ that’s what we’ll focus on so that you check and change your current activities and approach, to win more B2B customers for Your product or services and make the best of your time.


The registration fee is 20 CHF (payment may be processed in EUR due to the registration system) and is paid via PayPal. For other payment options please contact the organizer (


By registering for the webinar, you’ll also get the opportunity to book a 1on1 consultation with a 50% discount, fully tailored to your current needs around B2B customer acquisition (45min session for 60CHF only; a booking link to be sent after the webinar)

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