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Targeted Marketing Consultation

1on1 marketing consultation fully tailored to Your business
90 min I 270 CHF ( + VAT 7.7%)
The 1on1 Targeted Marketing Consultation is a fully tailored session (90 min) focused on helping you use marketing or specifically online marketing the right way for Your business to achieve your business goal.

No matter if you're just starting your business or running it for years.

Get marketing guidance and expertise that is fully tailored to your business situation and needs so that:
- you focus your energy, time and budget on marketing activities that will work for Your business situation and help achieve your business goals.
- you communicate your product/services in a way that makes it clear your product/services is the right solution for your customers.

For example you may need help with:
- client acquisition
- defining the right go to market strategy
- understanding where Your niche is
- defining who Your best customers are
- building the right marketing strategy for Your business
- identifying effective marketing channels for Your business and so on.

You can schedule one Targeted Marketing Consultation session only and decide afterwards if you want to continue developing the initial marketing insights with Andrea or you will act yourself or your team on the actions set after the session.

Format: Online sessions (or in person in Zürich if preferred - subject to Andrea's availability)

If you're based outside Switzerland, the price is 250 EUR per online session.

If you have more questions and this is your first Marketing Consultation with Marketing Waters, feel free to first schedule a free Intro Consultation.
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