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Marketing for Growth - for Solo Business

Grow your business and get closer to your product-market fit
Pricing on request

Service Description

Marketing for Growth for solo (or small) business owners is an individual, highly targeted 8-12 week program to start your business right or grow it in the right business direction by leveraging marketing insights and expertise to reach your business goals and win the right paying customers:

The program is tied to 5 deep-dive workshops with you / your team:
- to leverage marketing insights to evaluate how your product /service fits the market needs
- to build a marketing strategy fully aligned to your business goals, with specific actions at the end

You get a clear understanding of who Your best customers are. What to communicate to your best customers (big pain you solve and value you bring). What marketing channels, both online and offline, are best for your business. Which business direction to move, to grow Your business.

The sessions are face to face or online (video) sessions, based on your preference and our availability.

If interested to learn more, please book a free 30 min consultation to talk more incl. the pricing for this startup program:
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